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Welcome to your transformative journey with Michelle, Toronto’s premier Women’s Pelvic Health Sexuality Counsellor and Perinatal Intimacy Coach. Merging expert massage therapy, somatic practices, and compassionate coaching, Michelle cultivates spaces for women to explore and reclaim their sexual and reproductive health. Embrace your path to empowerment through our tailored workshops and individual sessions, designed to nurture your body’s wisdom and innate healing power.

Michelle Francis-Smith


Michelle is a Women’s Pelvic Health Sexuality Counsellor & Perinatal Intimacy Coach, Registered Massage Therapist and Doula residing in Toronto otherwise known as Toronto, Canada. The focus of her work is in women’s health and she practices at the intersections of birth work and race, drawing upon the embodied wisdom of these two lineages to support healing. Michelle empowers pregnant and postpartum women to access their embodied full sexual expression blending various modalities of somatic practice, bodywork and skilled coaching in her private practice. Offerings include facilitating classes and workshops on sexual and reproductive wellness, massage therapy, pregnancy and birth, grief and loss and erotic education through a trauma-informed and healing-centered lens.​ She supports the unfolding of each person’s unique journey with openness and guides her clients’ learning to feel, moment by moment, what their bodies want and need to heal. Michelle currently serves as a Massage Therapy Professor at Durham College, a Perinatal Massage Therapist at Women’s Health Physiotherapy, is the Co-founder of Perinatal Massage Therapy Education and In”TEN”tional Couples Retreats and is the visionary behind Perinatal Pleasure Coaching.

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Join Michelle As She Hosts Her Transformative In-TEN-tional Couples Retreat

Welcome to In-TEN-tional, a transformative six-day retreat at the exquisite Riu Montego Bay, where ten couples embark on a journey to deepen their intimacy and strengthen their bonds. Hosted in a luxurious Adults Only environment, this retreat blends the relaxation of an all-inclusive vacation with powerful couple’s coaching. Immerse yourselves in a curated experience designed to enhance communication, connection, and healing. Join us for a retreat that’s not just a getaway, but a profound step towards a more intentional relationship. Experience the change at In-TEN-tional—the getaway you need, the transformation you deserve.

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